Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keep your home and family safe with security tips from the pros

August, 2013

BRAMPTON, Ont. – With families squeezing in getaways to enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation, and kids heading back to school immediately thereafter, the next couple of months will see your house sitting empty and potentially vulnerable to break-ins.

While we may dutifully lock our doors and windows when we go out or go to bed, too many people think burglaries and home invasions are something that only happens to other people. That is, until it happens to us.

“A lot of people just think that their home won’t be targeted by a burglar and they don’t take enough safety precautions to protect their homes,” says Gallen Tsui of SkyLink. “However, burglars are always looking for easy targets. The fact is that with just a few simple items and some knowledge, you can make your home safer and less likely of being a victim of a burglary.” 

Skylink, makers of the Skylink Alarm System and Internet HomeControl System, recommend the following tips to help make your home more secure.

Simple but effective:
·         Plant thorny bushes and plants in front of main floor windows.
·         Ensure your house numbers are visible and illuminated at night.
·         Avoid discussing any vacation plans on social media networks.
·         Turn on your vacation lock function on your garage door opener, if available.
·         If you were looking to get into your house how would you do it? Think like a burglar and fix any potential weak points.

Get an alarm system:
·         Put stickers from your alarm company in windows and doors to show potential burglars that your home has an active alarm system.
·         Many alarm systems have a voice dialer that can be pre-programmed to call your cell phone when a sensor triggers the alarm. Some alarm systems, like Skylink’s, can call up to nine pre-programmed phone numbers.
·         Install a siren on the outside of your house.

Automate your home with a Wireless Home Control System:
·         Buy light timers or consider investing in the Skylink Internet HomeControl System to turn your lights on/off remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
·         Or, set light timers in various rooms with the HomeControl System App, making sure they are programmed to turn on and off at times that match your usual pattern of room light usage.
·         Use the Skylink HomeControl System App on your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor cameras in your home.
·         Install motion detector lighting around your house to deter possible burglars.
“The main point of protecting your house with these tips is to make an attempted break in too much of a risk for the burglar. If you make it hard for them to get in, and have an active alarm system, they will be more likely to just move on to an easier target,” says Tsui.

Skylink makes the Skylink Alarm System, a home alarm solution that you can set up by yourself in less than an hour to confidently secure your home from potential intruders.

About Skylink Group

The Skylink Group understands the needs and concerns of the homeowner in providing a safe and comfortable environment for their family whether they are at home or away. Established in 1990, Skylink Group operates out of Brampton, Ontario. Please visit for more information, find us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @skylinkhome.


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