Monday, September 1, 2014

Around the world by private jet, leaving from Canada in November

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Surprisingly affordable, always an adventure

When people think about hopping on a private jet for a dream vacation, it remains just that, a dream.

Now Travel Guild Inc. is offering you the chance of a lifetime! Climb aboard a VIP Boeing 737 for an epic around the world adventure in 25 days. The flight originates in Calgary, stops in Kelowna to pick up more passengers, and on the way back, drops off at Toronto, Calgary, and Kelowna International airports. In between, it is nothing but pure adventure.

But wait, a private jet… around the world… it’s got to be very expensive… right?  Wrong! Consider the out of pocket costs for almost a month of five star accommodations and restaurants, not to mention air fare, transportation costs, guided sightseeing tours, exotic evening events, visas and tips, entertainment and shows, and a safari! One would think an adventure like this would be well over $2000 a day. It’s not. This around the world by private jet vacation is $32,995 US and a very affordable $2,995 supplement for the single traveler. Couples, groups and singles will enjoy meeting and traveling with like-minded individuals.

Just imagine, you and 71 other guests, cruising around the world in a jet designed to hold 170 people. This 737 has been outfitted with a private bar, plenty of leg room and all the comforts of home. Best of all - there's no rushing to catch an early flight as all flights leave at a decent hour. It's the same plane, and same captain and crew on all flights with a unique experience every day.

You depart on November 3rd from Kelowna, BC, with a stop to pick up passengers in Calgary, AB. The jet then only flies west to ensure plenty of daylight and little to no jet lag. First stop is Anchorage, Alaska, where you’ll have panoramic views as far as the eye can see. After a good night’s sleep, it’s of to exotic Seoul, South Korea, the most vibrant city in Asia. Next up is Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia where you can relax and watch the sun set over the South China Sea. Then it’s off to Singapore, to be inspired, just as Hemmingway and Kipling were all those years ago. Next stop - Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park, India. Ride an elephant through the streets then prepare for a safari in search of the Bengal Tiger or if you prefer, visit the Taj Mahal in Agra.

You go from natural jungle to skyscrapers aplenty as you visit and tour Abu Dhabi or head over to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Then it’s back to a slower pace as you explore the medieval city of Valletta in Malta on the Mediterranean Sea. You can play it again Sam at the next stop in Casablanca, Morocco with a side excursion to Rabat. Your final destination is the Great Continental Divide at Rykjavik, Iceland where you can soak in the geothermal Blue Lagoon.

Just as you are getting used to this lifestyle, it's time to return home on November 27th. The jet can drop you off in Toronto, Calgary or Kelowna and you'll arrive home having seen some of most beautiful places on earth in fine style. This special adventure is limited to 72 guest and these tours fill up fast, with many seats already sold. Call 800-268-4284 or go to for more information.

Enjoy the antics of orangutangs as you gaze out over the sea in exotic Malaysia.
Ride an elephant through the streets, before you go on safari.
Many a poet, artist, and traveler has failed to return from this this Maltese subtropical archipelago.
For photos and further information call Travel Guild at 1-800-268-4284 or go to
Who is Travel Guild Inc?
Travel Guild is a fully licensed tour operator and has been offering world tours by private aircraft for several decades now. They believe in offering their clientele first class service all the way. This is not a re-sell of another company’s world tour. This tour has been meticulously thought out with attention to the smallest details to ensure the traveler receives an adventure they will never forget. There is plenty of time allowed for at each destination, with lots of sightseeing, leisure time and evening cultural events. With this attention to detail is it no wonder more than 25% of their clientele are repeat passengers.


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